International History: Previous Chapters

The Schoenstatt Family Federation was founded in 1950 through the acceptance of the consecration of the 1st course by Fr. Joseph Kentenich.

During the years after 1974, contacts were made with further foundations in other countries. In 1994 the first international meeting of federation families took place at the Josef Kentenich Hof in Hillscheid. In the course of following years, the contacts and the cooperation of the territorial leaderships were intensified and several international federation events took place in Europe and South America, and a consciousness of being an international community could develop.

In 2003, the autonomous territories at this time, namely, Argentina, Chile, Germany and Paraguay decided to hold the first General Chapter in 2005.

The 1st General Chapter took place in 2005 and already defined essential points for the International Family Federation and elected a 1st International Leadership. At the 2nd General Chapter in 2009, further steps on the common way into the International were discussed, many basics were deepened and again a new leadership was elected. At the 3rd General Chapter in 2015 – now already with 7 autonomous territories taking part – one of the tasks was to work and adopt a first international constitution ad experimentum.